The Florida Superstition That Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2020

Are you superstitious? Do you avoid black cats, breaking mirrors, and walking under ladders? There are so many things you’re not supposed to do, but the great thing about this New Year’s superstition in Florida is that you don’t have to avoid anything. In fact, all you have to do is eat some delicious food. Sounds great, right?

My family has always followed this tradition, but I wasn’t sure if this was something everyone in Florida did. I’m sure you’re aware that Florida attracts people from all over the world, so it’s not exactly a typical Southern state. Then, I noticed that Publix has put a few of these ingredients on sale and on display. Plus, it can’t hurt to have some good luck, right? Even if you’ve never tried it before, you should give this tasty (and lucky) New Year’s Day meal a chance:

Another explanation for using these particular ingredients is that these were the only ingredients left in the South during the Civil War, and thus this tradition followed necessity and just continued for years and years.

Do you usually make this New Year’s meal? What’s your favorite way to prepare these ingredients? Do you think this New Year’s superstition in Florida really works? We love to hear your thoughts, so sound off in the comments below! And if you have a New Year’s tradition of your own you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comment section!

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new year's superstition in Florida

November 09, 2019

Are there any other superstitions in Florida?

Florida has many superstitions that countless Floridians abide by. Some of the most popular include the old tale that when an alligator opens his jaw with an extra-long bellow, that means a hurricane is imminent. Another is that if you see a cow laying down, it means it’s going to rain. Many Floridians believe that if they see a red cardinal, it’s a sign that someone they love is coming to visit. And several Floridians believe that it’s bad luck to eat both of the ends of a loaf of bread before you eat the middle, as that means you won’t be able to make ends meet.

What are the most popular traditions in Florida?

From eating boiled peanuts to decorating palm trees for Christmas, Florida has several traditions that are upheld by countless Floridians across the state. An annual trip to Disney World is a popular tradition for many Florida families all across the state, as well as annual beach vacations, swamp tours, and decorating the lawn in a pink flamingo or two.

What is the most bizarre superstition in Florida?

Perhaps one of the most bizarre Florida superstitions is also shared with many southern states. If you have itchy palms, pay attention to which hand is itching. If it’s your left palm, that means you’ll be owing money soon. If it’s your right palm, good news! That means you’ll be coming into some cash soon.

Address: Florida, USA