A Massive Brush Fire In Florida Is Devastating Hundreds Of Acres Of Land

Unfortunately, things aren’t always sunny in the Sunshine State. This weekend a massive brush fire broke out near a Turnpike in West Miami-Dade County. While many of the roads that were closed down yesterday have been reopened, the fire still continues to rage uncontrollably as winds continue.

The most recent concern of the Florida Forest Service is that if the fire spreads west of Krome, it will be even more difficult to control. To keep up with the most recent updates, be sure to follow the Miami-Dade Police Department on Facebook and to check out the Miami-Dade Fire Department on Twitter.

Those living in the Miami-Dade County area that have respiratory issues are urged to remain indoors for the time being and to keep all of their doors and windows shut as a precaution. As always, we urge Florida residents to stay safe and to feel free to share their personal updates in the comment section!