With More Than 85,000 Acres To Explore, Florida’s Largest State Park Is Worthy Of A Multi-Day Adventure

Florida is home to some pretty incredible state parks, preserves, and recreation areas. It’s not every day that you can go from the wetlands to the scrub pines to a first-magnitude spring in one state. We have another state park that is worth checking out and you might just need a few days of exploration. Clocking in at 85,000 acres, Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve is considered to be the largest state park in Florida. And boy, is it beautiful!

Have you ever been to Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve before? What do you think about the largest state park in Florida? Share with us your experience in the comments section! Or if you’re looking for more information about visiting this park, including fees and hours of operation, then visit the Florida State Park’s website.

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Address: Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, 137 Coast Line Dr, Copeland, FL 34137, USA