Few People Know This Charming Small Town In Florida Is The Halfway Point Between Jacksonville & Key West

If you’ve traveled down the eastern side of Florida, then you already know about Florida State Road A1A which runs from Georgia all the way down to Key West. While it’s easy to hop on and off A1A when you’re traveling through coastal towns, not too many people know that this delightful road runs the span of the Atlantic in the Sunshine State. If you happen to be traveling from Jacksonville to Key West and need to take a pit stop, we have the perfect place. Halfway between these two Florida gems is the spectacular town of Hobe Sound.

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Address: Hobe Sound, FL 33455, USA
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Hobe Sound in Florida

April 07, 2022

Where is Hobe Sound in Florida?  

Hobe Sound, FL is an adorable beach town in Florida located in Martin County, on the southeastern coast of the state. It’s a surprisingly small town in Florida for its locale, with a population of under 14,000 residents (which is pretty low for a coastal place). Over the years, it’s been a part of a surprising number of counties, like St. Johns from 1821 to 1824, Mosquito County from 1824 to 1844, Dade County from 1866 to 1909, and so forth. The beaches here are beautiful and seem to beckon you to come closer; the folks who call it home are friendly and warm, much like every sunny day ’round these parts. Hobe Sound, Florida is a place you ought to add to your bucket list ASAP; we can assure you that you won’t regret it! Should you ever find yourself on a road trip in Florida from Jacksonville to Key West, Hobe Sound, FL ought to be a place you stop and stay awhile. 

What are some fun things to do in Florida? 

Florida is a ridiculously fun place to live, visit, or vacation. It’s a huge state with seemingly endless options when it comes to things to do – especially fun things to do outside in Florida. There are always places like the above-mentioned Hobe Sound, Florida, and while you’re at it, why not do that Jacksonville to Key West trip we also mentioned? It wouldn’t hurt… anyway, we digress. Visit our amazing beaches, zoos, and arboretums. Embark on some of the best hiking trails in Florida to see some of the most amazing sights. Scenic places in Florida are just about everywhere, and it’s so much more than you could ever do in just one day, or weekend, for that matter – you’ll want to hang out for at least a week or two, and then you may never want to leave. The things to do in Florida list is seemingly endless!  

Address: Hobe Sound, FL 33455, USA