What Life Is Really Like Inside Florida’s Shark Bite Capital Of The World

Florida is known as being many things—beautiful, pristine, exciting, and family-oriented. But another way many people can identify Florida is with quite a few shark stories. In fact, there is one small city in Florida that has been dubbed the “Shark Bite Capital of the World” for the second year in a row. Before you start imagining sharks swimming rampant and churning waters filled with fins, think again.

While the title may put some people off to exploring New Smyrna Beach, we just wanted to remind you of how beautiful this small town is. However, do be careful when out in the ocean and always make sure to stay aware of your surroundings on our Florida beaches, no matter how wonderful they are.

Have you ever visited New Smyrna Beach? Share with us your favorite parts in the comments section! Also, if you’re looking for other stunning places to get your swim on in Florida, check out this underrated natural spring.