This Drone Footage Of Florida’s Emerald Coast Will Leave You In Awe

If you’ve never been to this special stretch of Northwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, you might wonder why they call it the Emerald Coast. It can’t possibly be as green and sparkling as a giant liquid jewel, right? Wrong.

This drone footage of Destin and Crab Island will knock your socks off. My favorite part is the parasailing and all of the friendly people (though I’m not sure I’d react the same way). Honestly, it’s all pretty incredible and will give you a new appreciation for Florida’s natural beauty. If you already know how drop-dead gorgeous the Emerald Coast is (duh!), then this is a great way to take a break from work and see this part of Florida like you’ve never seen it before. As with most drone footage: If you love cheesy music, turn your speakers all the way up.

Have you been here? What do you think is the most beautiful place in Florida? Please share your photos and comments with us below!