Uh Oh… Here Are The 10 Drunkest Counties In Florida

Have you ever wondered where the most drinkers are in Florida? We used data from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps to determine the counties with the highest percentage of adults who reported binge or heavy drinking. Residents in the top 10 counties all reported 19% or higher (way higher for the top spot), where the overall percentage for Florida residents was 16%.

When we came to a tie, we used data from FindTheHome to determine which county had the highest number of bars per capita (given as bars per 10,000 residents). For reference, there are 4.22 bars per 10,000 people in Florida and 4.03 bars per 10,000 people for the U.S.

Did your county make the list? Were you surprised by any of these rankings? Please share your comments with us below!