As a Floridian, you’ve probably enjoyed some tasty smoked mullet during a meal before, but have you ever seen a mullet run before? How about from an aerial view? Every fall, these fish make their way to warmer waters, and they can be seen in huge groups along Florida’s coast. This beautiful drone footage of Florida showcases billions of mullet on their journey while sharks, tarpon, and jacks enjoy a feeding frenzy. Get ready, this is a pretty exciting phenomenon to have caught on drone footage.

The mullet run in Florida is a mass migration of mullet, from the fingerlings to the full-grown adults. The run lasts from about late August to mid-November, with peak times happening in mid-September and ending near the end of October. While some days the run will only offer a trickle of mullet, others will produce massive schools which darken the surrounding water. Mullet will exit the estuaries up north and make their way down to the warm waters of South Florida for winter. While a lot of Floridians use this time to catch these frenzied fish, others just like to kick back and enjoy Mother Nature’s show.

You’ll likely see a lot of fishermen out during this time because while the mullet run is going on, a ton of predators will come out to feast, making it prime time to catch some big ones. Many saltwater anglers look forward to this time of year because they’ll likely increase their chances of mackerel, snook, flounder, tarpon, bluefish, blacktop sharks, and more.

Whether you enjoy fishing or not, it’s still an amazing sight to see. What did you think of this beautiful drone footage of Florida? Have you ever seen the mullet run in person? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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