Camp In A Chickee Hut Right On The Water In The Florida Everglades

Get out into nature this weekend and enjoy a unique experience right in the heart of the Everglades. Grab your tent and prepare yourself to spend the night in a simple chickee hut right over the water. Chickees are very basic structures, popular with outdoor adventurers who prefer a no-frills overnight stay that is raw with nature. In the Everglades, where the wild mangroves grow and the water levels in the wetlands are questionable, adventurers can stay in a chickee hut rather than find land to camp because the huts are raised off the ground. With simplicity and style, check out these chickee huts in Florida.

Have you ever camped in chickee huts in Florida before? Were they in the Everglades? Share with us your experience in the comments section! Or, if you’re looking for more information about these camping huts, check out the Florida Outdoor Adventures Facebook Page or website.

Address: 815 Oyster Bar Ln, Everglades City, FL 34139, USA