The Sapphire Natural Pool In Florida That’s Devastatingly Gorgeous

Sometimes I think Florida should be called the Adventure State, because there are so many exciting and jaw-dropping things to see and places to explore. Some of our state’s greatest features are its gorgeous natural springs, and you’ve probably visited a few of them in our state parks and forests. There are a few lesser-known spots that you might not have heard of, though, like this scenic spring in North Florida, just waiting to be explored:

If you do decide to visit Blue Grotto, keep in mind that there are other nearby natural gems, like Devil’s Den (also in Williston) and Rainbow Springs State Park (30 minutes away in Dunnellon). Now that would be an unforgettable adventure.

Blue Grotto Dive Resort is located at 3852 NE 172 Ct, Williston, FL 3269. Phone: 352-528-5770. Visit for more information on hours and pricing.

Have you ever visited Blue Grotto? What’s your favorite natural wonder in the state of Florida?