Is This Abandoned Elementary School Haunted Or Just Creepy? You Decide.

All Jacksonville residents and ghost story buffs in Florida are probably familiar with the legend of Annie Lytle Elementary School (Public School Number Four). You know, that big, boarded-up, old building that you can see from I-95?

This building is also one of the most famous supposedly haunted structures in Florida, even being featured in the popular Weird Florida book as the “Devil’s School.” The original school was built in 1891, and the school as you see it today was built in 1917. The legends of the “Devil’s School” include half the school being blown up by a furnace explosion,  a cannibal principal (sounds like a great band name to me,) or a principal who killed a bunch of students, as well as the local hot spot for devil-worshipers.  Anyway, none of these claims have ever really been verified, but plenty of people have explored the abandoned grounds since it closed in 1960.

The following photographs were kindly provided to us by, a site that covers tons of lost and abandoned sites all over Florida. Enjoy!

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