Here Are 7 Things They Don’t Teach You About Delaware In School

Any Delawarean that’s ventured outside of our state has heard something along the lines of “Where’s Delaware?” or “What state is that in?”. Apparently, the American education system isn’t doing a great job of telling others about our little state. Nevermind that we were actually the first state… I digress. The secrets of Delaware have been safe for years, but now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag and fill everyone in on what they’ve been missing. Here’s what they don’t teach you about Delaware in school when they’re covering the geography, history, and culture of the bigger states.

This underrated state is so amazing, it’s a shame that more people don’t visit! Help spread the word about our small wonder — and maybe our great, great grandchildren will never hear “Dela-where?!” ever again.