Tiny But Mighty, Restaurante Mi Laurita In Delaware Has Some Unbelieveable Dishes

Some folks might believe that, in order to be a great restaurant, you need to offer tons of seating and have reviews circulated throughout the country. But, here in Delaware we disagree. There are plenty of small eateries that offer food that’s even better than what you’d find in a big city with big names. In fact, this tiny restaurant is big on flavor. Just make sure you can get a seat!

Restaurante Mi Laurita is typically open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. To stay up to date on their deliver and take-out service, follow them on Facebook. For phone orders or questions you can reach them on 302-856-3393.

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Address: 110 N Race St # 106, Georgetown, DE 19947, USA