You Won’t Be Happy To Hear That Delaware Is Experiencing A Major Surge Of Ticks This Year

There aren’t many feelings worse than coming home from a lovely day outside and finding out that you’ve been bitten by a tick. Unfortunately for Delawareans, 2019 is predicted to be a record year for ticks in Delaware, and it’s important to be prepared to defend yourself against these terrible, bloodsucking creatures.

If you take the time to learn about tick repellents and preventatives, as well as do a thorough tick check after any outdoor adventure, you should be safe from the creepy crawlies this year. Be sure you know how to correctly remove ticks before hitting the trails.

If you’re now feeling all creeped out, you’re not alone. Here’s a lighthearted, pleasant article to get your mind off of all the things in Delaware’s woods that are trying to kill you this year: 7 Places In Delaware That Are Like A Caribbean Paradise In The Summer.