Delaware has no shortage of creepy places to visit any time of year.  With old homes, historic battlegrounds, creepy churches, and some of the scariest haunted attractions in the U.S., there are plenty of things to make your hair stand on end. For this road trip, we focused on the northern part of the state, where historic haunts abound. Without further ado, we present to you the scariest places in Delaware.

Have you visited any of these locations? Do you agree that these are the scariest places in Delaware? What are other haunted places in Delaware that terrify you? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below — we’d love to hear from you!

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scariest places in delaware

What is the most haunted hotel in Delaware?

After reading about some of the scariest places in Delaware, it likely won't surprise you to learn that there are some terrifying hotels and inns to add to the list. One of the most haunted hotels in Delaware is the Addy Sea Inn. Built in 1902, this seaside estate is beautiful yet terribly haunted. Fortunately, the spirits that lurk inside this haunted inn seem more playful than menacing. Guests have reported hearing the sound of organ music or having the jacuzzi turn on and off on its own accord. Would you dare stay at the haunted Addy Sea Inn in Delaware?

Does Delaware have any haunted hikes?

Delaware is positively brimming with beautiful outdoor attractions for you to enjoy. And, if you love hiking trails, it's hard to imagine a state with lovelier and more charming options. However, it's true that there are some haunted hikes in Delaware. One prime example is a trail that you'll find in Lums Pond State Park. This beautiful park has an unsuspecting secret: it houses one of the spookiest trails in the First State. The Swamp Trail is the scene of a gruesome murder from long ago. Those who embark on this trail today will still hear the sounds of anguish and terror. Learn more about this bone-chilling hike you can take in Delaware.

Does Delaware have any abandoned places?

Delaware has an extensive history, and therefore you'll find plenty of places that have long been abandoned by civilization. Some of the most fascinating abandoned places in Delaware include Bancroft Mills in Wilmington, Jehu Reed House in Little Heaven, Reedy Island Range Light in Taylor's Bridge, Garnett Snuff Mill in Yorklyn, Gibraltar Mansion in Wilmington, Ship John Shoal Lighthouse in Delaware Bay, Caretaker's House at the Delaware Breakwater Rear Range Light, the Old Granary in Sussex County, the Old Mill in Millsboro, and the Pier at Battery Park in New Castle. You can learn more about these intriguing and abandoned places in Delaware.

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