9 Tiny Towns In Delaware That Come Alive In The Summertime

Delaware is full of fun things to do in the summer! The Wilmington Riverfront is quickly becoming a top destination thanks to all of the fine dining and the Constitution Yards Beer Garden, and our state parks in Felton, Laurel and Bear host thousands of kayakers and paddlers when the weather gets hot. The best part about summertime in Delaware is watching our small towns light up and come alive while they show off the spirit that makes our state so special. Which of these little towns is your favorite summer destination?

Of course, Delaware’s small towns are often overlooked for the larger towns, but that doesn’t seem to get them down! If you love the small town feel and are looking for an excuse to keep exploring our little state, check out our feature on dining in Delaware: Most People Don’t Know These Small Towns In Delaware Have AMAZING Restaurants!