Move To These 9 Towns In Delaware If You Wanna Get Away From It All

Delaware is a small-town state. Out of 57 incorporated towns, villages and cities, 26 of them have populations of less than 1,000. Only 10 places in Delaware are home to over 5,000 people! Tiny towns lead to rural, country living, even when due to the size of the state, you’re never too far away from one of the big cities. If you’re sick of the busy hustle and bustle of Wilmington, Newark, Dover or even the busy beach towns, consider moving to a great small town in Delaware where you really feel like you’ve escaped it all.

If you’re not quite ready to up and move to one of these small towns, but you would still like to experience tiny town living, check out these great small towns with wonderful restaurants in Delaware, and grab your next meal in the middle of nowhere.r