7 Delaware Towns In The Middle Of Nowhere That Are So Worth The Drive

Delaware’s a tiny state, but because Slower Lower is so rural, there are plenty of towns that you might never stumble upon if you don’t make it a point to visit. All of these small Delaware towns are really in the middle of nowhere, and they’re tiny towns with a huge sense of community. They aren’t boring, either, despite their locations far away from the busier sections of the state. Each has its own attractions and restaurants so you can hit the road for a serene, scenic day trip any time. Below, find the towns that made the list and what you can do once you get all the way out there.

These small Delaware towns are all so isolated that you might even forget you’re in Delaware – which is something we’re not used to! If you can’t get enough of the rural life, you’ll love our list of small towns with amazing restaurants.