The Breathtaking Overlook In Delaware That Lets You See For Miles And Miles

Delaware is a pretty flat state – our highest point is only a few hundred feet above sea level. That doesn’t mean there aren’t breathtaking overlooks, though. All it takes is a visit to one of the state’s observation towers to get a good look at Delaware from above. While the WWII Observation Towers are the first thing to come to mind, many people don’t realize there’s a stunning view from one of Wilmington’s parks, too.

You can find Rockford Park and Tower at 1021 W. 18th St., Wilmington, DE 19802. Alapocas Run and Wilmington State Parks often host events at Rockford Park, so check out their Calendar, here.

When it comes to great views, Delawareans don’t have to suffer from flat state syndrom. Check out these other overlooks that show off the Diamond State and enjoy the brag-worthy views.