In An Unexpected Twist, The Delaware River Was Recently Recognized As America’s River Of The Year

For years, Delawareans have dealt with jokes about our tiny state, and we’ve dealt with every other neighboring state trying to steal our name. There’s Delaware County in Pennsylvania, Delaware State Park in New York, and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area – that’s about 120 miles from our border. Now, however, the one thing we all have in common – the Delaware River – is something we can all agree deserves a little recognition. The longstanding environmentalist group, American Rivers, has named the Delaware River the best river in the country for the year 2020. You can read their enlightening report right here!

Where do you love to spend time along the Delaware River? Catch a great view of the River of the Year fromĀ Delaware’s Breezy Waterfront Trail At Fox Point State Park.

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