The Quirkiest Town In Delaware That You’ll Absolutely Love

Ever year, millions of people fall in love with Rehoboth Beach for its charm and culture. It’s easily the quirkiest town in Delaware, and you don’t quite understand the personality of the town until you visit it yourself! Though Summer is over, we’re just a few weeks away from the three-day-long Sea Witch Festival, held every year on the last weekend in October (27th-29th, this year). Sea Witch Weekend is a great time to come into town and experience the shops, restaurants, and quirky spots in this little town, without the massive summer crowds. In fact, I think the off season is the best time to visit this little Delaware town.

Rehoboth might be the quirkiest town in Delaware, thanks to the big personality of the residents, shops, and restaurants, but there are so many little towns in Delaware with their own unique twist. If you love exploring new places, you’ll want to check out Delaware’s Fairy Tale Town, the Village of Arden.