Here Are The 10 Poorest Cities In Delaware

Delware, as a whole, is the ninth richest state in the country. With proximity to large cities for urban jobs and relatively low housing costs in the state’s many small towns, it’s easy to see why many people choose Delaware as a financially sound place to live. However, despite Delaware’s low tax rates and relatively low cost of living (higher than Virginia’s, but lower than neighboring Maryland and New Jersey), there are still some cities where expenses and salaries don’t quite even out. Below is a list of the ten poorest cities in Delaware, ranked by percentage of the population living below poverty level. You can find the data used to create this list here. Do any of these surprise you?

Now, it’s true that money does not buy happiness, and some of the poorest cities in Delaware have made our lists of the happiest places in Delaware, safest places in Delaware, and even our list of small towns in Delaware with amazing restaurants.