There’s An Incredible Meteor Shower Happening This Summer And Delaware Has A Front Row Seat

Every summer, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower displays gorgeous shooting stars to the Northern Hemisphere, and Delaware is one of the best places to watch the shower. It begins July 13th and is visible in the sky until August 26th, 2018, with its peak coming in the middle of August. Because we’ve got a front row seat to the action, Delawareans have found creative ways to spot these astronomical wonders, whether that be from the sand, from a park, or even from the middle of the bay.

If you’d rather not head to the beach, you can also find dark skies in rural Delaware (think Bridgeville)! If you can’t make the Brandywine Creek meteor hike but still want to enjoy Dark Skies in Delaware, you can join them on any of their other night hikes throughout the summer. Read about the program right here!