8 Things Nobody Misses When They Leave Delaware

For the most part, living in Delaware is a dream come true. We have beaches, we have beautiful state parks, we’ve got great seafood and great restaurants – what more could you want? Actually, we’ve talked about all the things we’d miss if we left Delaware (Thrasher’s, Dolles and Scrapple made that list!), but we never really addressed the things we wouldn’t miss, if we were parted from our Diamond State. What do you think? Would there ever be a day that you’d be driving in your new home, thinking “Man, I wish I could drive from Wilmington to Newark at rush hour just one more time…”? I don’t think so! Check out what else you wouldn’t miss if you left Delaware:

Can you relate all too well to this? I know I certainly can. Let me know in the comments what else you wouldn’t miss if you left the First State.