This Little Known Natural Oasis Is Hiding In Delaware… And You’re Going To Love It

There’s no question that Wilmington is a busy, bustling city with activity in the streets nearly every day. When you want to escape from it all, some people think you’ve got to go west to White Clay Creek State Park, or south to Cape Henlopen. What many people don’t realize is that there’s a beautiful, perfect park in the middle of Wilmington! The banks of the Brandywine Creek have been turned into Brandywine Park, where you can stroll along gorgeous pathways, picnic under the bridges, see exotic animals at the Brandywine Zoo, and enjoy one of the best swimming spots in the entire state. Float along the creek in a tube or kayak downstream and enjoy the small rapids after a rainstorm. Whatever you prefer to do, you’ll forget you’re in the middle of busy Wilmington when you escape to this beautiful oasis.

Next time you’re feeling claustrophobic around the large buildings and busy Wilmington streets, set aside some time to check out this gorgeous natural oasis that’s hidden in plain site. You’ll love it, and you’ll return again and again to breathe in the air and wander through Wilmington in ways you’ve never known possible.