It’s Impossible Not To Love The Most Eccentric Town In Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is perhaps the most eccentric town in Delaware, and every year hundreds of thousands of tourists descend on our little town to enjoy the beaches, boardwalk, shops and restaurants. What draws so many people here? Well, it’s really a little slice of paradise, and unlike any other town around. Check out all of the reasons to love Rehoboth, and you’ll want to visit, too!

These are just some of the reasons that Rehoboth Beach is loved all around the world – what’s your favorite time of year to visit the town? Do you bring your family to meet with Santa, or dance around with the Sea Witch parade balloons? Whatever your preference is, you’ll love any time you spend in the most eccentric town in Delaware. Oh, and psssst: Read more about the delicious food and unforgettable experience at Blue Moon right here.