The Most Delaware Town Ever And Why You Need To Visit

When you think of Delaware, what comes to mind? Is it our remarkable history as the First State, and an original colony? Is it our fine beaches, known to be the best in the world? Or is it our small-town feel, where mom and pop restaurants and local boutiques are more common than large chains? Whatever you think of when you think of Delaware, I’m almost positive that the small cape town of Lewes is just about as “Delaware” as you can get, and you should plan a visit to this quaint town as soon as you can clear your schedule.

The history of Lewes itself is interesting — much like the swamp castle in Monty Python, it was burned, pillaged and under siege for a while before it rose from the ashes and became a strong town as it is today. Read about the unique history right here: The Oldest Town In Delaware That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once, and you’ll have an even stronger appreciation for this charming little town.

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