11 Undeniable Ways You Know You’re From The State Of Delaware

There are a few ways to spot someone who is from Delaware – they’ll always order scrapple while complaining about scrapple, they’ll warn you not to go to Wilmington and then head upstate for a great dinner or concert on the waterfront, and they’ll happily tell you that our state is more than just a 15 mile stretch of I-95. However, there are a few things about being from Delaware that you might not notice we all have in common… take a look, and let me know if you relate to any of these signs that you’re really from Delaware.

Delawareans have a lot in common, but first and foremost is how much we love our home state. If you can’t get enough of Delaware, you’ll love reading about 9 Insane Things That Happened In Delaware You Won’t Find in History Books!