10 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Mansion Hiding In Delaware

The Jehu Reed house was hidden in plain sight, right at the intersection of Bowers Beach Rd and Route One (Bay Rd) in Little Heaven, Delaware. This landmark and historic building was often overlooked by people who passed it, whether driving by daily or just once a year for vacation. The house itself had a rich history and, very, unfortunately, faced imminent demolition in July 2017.

The Jehu Reed House is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and when the bulldozers moved in, we lost yet another piece of the First State’s incredible history. Luckily, several Delaware photographers have recognized the significance of the house, and in an effort to preserve its history, have extensively photographed the mansion and its grounds. Come check out the natural beauty of this abandoned mansion in Delaware.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

The Jehu Reed house is not the only abandoned mansion in Delaware, of course. Bancroft Mills is perhaps the most well know, but we even have an abandoned amusement park that’s turned into a regular park! What are your favorite abandoned places in the First State? Are there any that we absolutely must check out?

Address: Bowers, DE, USA
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Abandoned Mansion In Delaware

October 20, 2021

Where is the creepiest attraction in Delaware?

Out of all of the creepy places in Delaware to visit, we have one that might top the list every time. Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island is known for its role as a prison constructed in 1859 for Confederate Prisoners of War during the Civil War. However, with nearly 3,000 people who died on-site, it’s no wonder that this is considered one of the most haunted places in the world. Many guests visit for the slice of history in this old fort, but true paranormal fans visit for all of the potential hauntings that may arise.

What are the most haunted places in Delaware?

With so many haunted places in Delaware to consider, it’s only right that we take the best of the best and turn them into one epic road trip. This haunted road trip in Delaware takes about five hours total drive time and will stop at some truly spooky places. Kick it off with, of course, Fort Delaware mentioned above. Then drive your way over to Crabby Dick’s in the Delaware City Hotel, which is a renowned spot for paranormal activity. Also, this road trip will take you to Woodburn, the Governor’s House in Delaware, which has one of the most famous ghost stories to ever come out of the state.

Can I visit any abandoned places in Delaware?

While we got the creepy and haunted places out of the way, what about visiting some abandoned places in Delaware? As the oldest state in the nation, it’s only right that Delaware has some abandoned places that nature has begun to reclaim. For instance, Bancroft Mills in Wilmington has quite a few places where the buildings are closed, but nature has reappeared to reclaim the area. Or the Jehu Reed house we mentioned above, which is now demolished, was once a place where you can visit and see a natural beauty up close.

Address: Bowers, DE, USA