Add These Family Getaway Ideas To Your Delaware Bucket List

Fall is a great time to plan a two day family getaway in Delaware. The weather isn’t too cold to enjoy time outside either exploring our great towns or our stunning Delaware state parks. I know that there isn’t a “one size fits all” family getaway plan, so I’ve come up with a few great ideas for a getaway in each county. In New Castle County, you’ll find my plan for a well balanced family trip, with options for couples, families with young kids, or families with kids of all ages. In Kent County, I’ve planned a family getaway for nature lovers. Here’s where you want to go if your idea day consists of a hike and a picnic, with a little bit of history thrown in. In Sussex, you’ll find a great family getaway idea for couples or families with older kids who will really appreciate the history and adventure our most southern county has to offer. Check out all of your options below – of course, one benefit to planning a family getaway in Delaware is that you really can mix-and-match, if you’re willing to do just a little bit of driving.

Of course, you can change up each itinerary to create a family getaway in Delaware that suits your needs and preferences, but the above is a good start to your plan. And, just in case the weather doesn’t hold up, here’s a list of great things to do in Delaware when it’s raining.