This One Of A Kind Restaurant In Delaware Is Fun For The Whole Family

It’s always fun to plan a family night out, but it can be hard to get everyone to agree on a place to dine! Luckily, there’s a restaurant in Ocean View that’s so much fun, nobody will think twice about joining for a family outing. The Salted Rim is the one place in the state where you can dine in an authentic train car, order delicious Mexican food, and have a great time no matter how old you are. Check it out!

Train enthusiasts will love going on This Dreamy Train-Themed Trip Through Delaware That Will Take You On The Journey Of A Lifetime, which includes visit to a railroad museum, a scenic train ride, and of course, a meal at The Salted Rim. Be sure to check it out – especially as the weather warms up, and you’re looking for an excuse to explore!