Uh Oh… Here Are The 4 Drunkest Cities In Delaware

Delaware is a small state, but we sure to put back a lot of alcohol. Did you know that Delaware is the 3rd drunkest state in the entire country? According to data collected by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) in 2014, Delaware is only beaten in terms of alcohol consumed per capita by New Hampshire (#1) and uh, Washington, D.C. (#2). Does D.C. even count? Does Delaware really deserve that #2 spot? Since I’m not exactly sure this is a statistic we should be proud of, I’ll let it slide.

How can such a small state consume so much? Well, the partying and drinking that goes on in our drunkest cities certainly helps.

Of course, if the Dogfish Head Brewery was its own city – though sometimes I think it might be – it would has rounded off the list. It’s hard to write about drinking and not talk about Delaware’s most famous import. Have you been to the Dogfish Head Brewery Tour, or checked out their Steampunk Treehouse?

Please, Delaware, party responsibly! Don’t drink and drive, don’t drink to excess, and seek professional help if you believe your alcohol consumption is getting out of hand.

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