Delaware is full of creameries and ice cream parlors; in fact, it seems like there is a great place to grab a cone everywhere you look! Some of our First State frozen franchises are out of this world, and if you haven’t discovered them all, here’s a good start. Take this Delaware Ice Cream Trail (rocky) road trip that will make all of your dreams come true.

Since many of these ice cream shops are seasonal, be sure to check their hours before you head out.

There is always room for ice cream! We sure can’t get enough when it comes to sweets… which is why this is easily the sweetest road trip in Delaware. Maybe next weekend, we’ll head out on the The Ultimate Terrifying Northern Delaware Road Trip Is Right Here & And You’ll Want to Do It and scare some of these ice cream calories off… or maybe, we’ll just get more ice cream.

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Best Ice Cream in Delaware

What are the most iconic restaurants in Delaware?

The First State has a handful of iconic restaurants that belong on every Delawareans's dining bucket list. On the more casual side, quick roadside stops like Wilson's General Store and Helen's Sausage House make the best breakfast sandwiches around. For lunch, pick up a slice of pizza from your local Grotto's, or a sub from Malin's, in Newark. Wilmington's Harry Savoy's and Walter's Steakhouse make elegant dinner spots, and downstate you can find a mouthwatering meal at DiFebo's or Big Fish Grill. When it comes to crabs, you can't beat Kathy's Crab House, Old Mill, or Sambo's. Other restaurants, like JP's on the Wharf and the Charcoal Pit are iconic thanks to their signature dishes - strawberry pie and burgers and shakes, respectively.

Do any Delaware restaurants serve the world's best food?

While it's hard to back up the claim that *any* place has the world's best, if we had to pick a spot in Delaware for that title, it would be Woody's in Dewey Beach. Their crabcake is so famous and so sought after that people regularly try to bribe wait staff for the top-secret recipe! It's such a closely guarded secret that nobody even knows where the buns are baked. All of the hype is worth it, though, and we're confident in claiming that Woody's makes the world's best crabcake.

Where are the best bakeries in Delaware?

If you ask around, you'll find that several spots in Delaware make delicious baked goods. Bing's Bakery in Newark is one of the most famous in the region, and for good reason! Other amazing bakeries in the First State include Sandy Pony Donuts, Bavarian Bakery, and My Sister's Fault. Plan a visit to each of them and try cakes, cupcakes, and cookies and decide for yourself which one is top!

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