Someone Flew A Drone High Above Delaware And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage

There’s something so captivating about great drone footage. We recently shared incredible aerial footage of Bancroft Mills, taken by a drone flown through the plant right after it burned nearly to the ground for a second time. That footage was dark and grim, and painted a picture of a decaying Delaware industry.

While I find abandoned places absolutely fascinating, I can appreciate that sometimes, a peaceful tune and some stunning scenery are the way to go. And while the sad video of smoldering Bancroft Mills told one part of the state’s story, the booming beach towns and incredible, stunning scenery featured in the following drone videos show the other side of the First State.

There may not be any scenery in Delaware as beautiful as Lewes, Delaware at Sunset (much thanks to Patrick Gallagher on Vimeo for this stunning capture).

The above video shows Dewey Beach and the Fire Control Towers in a completely new way! Isn’t Delaware beautiful?