The One Of A Kind Winter Attraction In Delaware You Need To Experience For Yourself

Delaware isn’t exactly known for thrilling amusements and rides… in fact, we don’t even have a true amusement park. Sure, Funland is a blast during the summer, but most of us head to Six Flags Great Adventure when we’re looking for a thrill. While we’ll probably never see something like Kingda Ka built in the First State, it is exciting when something new comes to town. Harrington’s bumper cars on ice are back for the second year in a row, and when it comes to finding something fun to do in Delaware, these can’t be beat!

The Centre Ice Rink at the Delaware State Fairgrounds is located at 644 Rd 316, Harrington, DE 19952 and Bumper Cars on Ice are available at the following Public Skate times:

Friday – 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday -11:30am -1:30pm
Saturday – 7:45pm – 9:45pm
Sunday – 11:30am – 1:30pm

Each bumper car session costs just $5, and you can find more information on the Bumper Car schedule right here.

After you spin and slide across the ice, head over to the Main Street Cafe for lunch or dinner! You’ll fall in love with this homestyle restaurant that was named one of the Best Main Street Restaurants in Delaware Hiding in Plain Sight.