17 Things People In Delaware Did Before The Internet Took Over Our Lives

Twenty-seven years ago, in 1989, an English scientist invented the world wide web, and life changed as we knew it. Email, websites, chat rooms, social media, and really the entire internet (which is even older), has surpassed our wildest imaginations.

Technology has revolutionized so much, but there are sure times when many of us wish things were like they once were – simpler, more personal, more in-the-moment. While many of the things below are probably not just relevant to Delaware, I know a lot of you (and me) miss simpler days. We still CAN do these things, we just need to be sure to turn off the tech to do so.

The internet has brought us some great things (like websites where you can learn about your favorite state), but some would argue that it has disconnected us, rather than connect us. What are some things you would add to the list?