There’s A Great Big Cheese Festival Coming To Delaware And It Looks As Delicious At It Sounds

Is there anything in this world that’s better than cheese? Cheese is wheely amazing, no matter how you choose eat it. On a sandwich, sprinkled over pasta, with crackers, or by the handful when nobody’s looking… you don’t need anyone’s parmesan to enjoy this delightful dairy treat. Fellow cheese lovers, rejoice, because you can now look forward to the best cheese festival in Delaware returning in 2018. Cheesetoberfest is a celebration of the gouda things in life. I promise, you’ll have a grate time.

Keep an eye on the Fordham and Dominion website here – tickets go on sale soon! VIP tickets sell out early, and General Admission spots are limited! This is the best cheese festival in Delaware and trust me, you don’t want to miss it.