The Small Town In Delaware That Will Capture Your Heart

Delaware is full of charming small towns. Lewes, Bethany Beach, and Bowers Beach all come to mind when you’re thinking of pleasant places to spend the day. One often overlooked down is Milford, right on the border of Kent and Sussex County, is easy to get to, full of culture and natural beauty, and home to mouthwatering restaurants – it’s easily one of the most charming towns in the First State.

Be sure to visit Milford this holiday season! You can shop in the locally run boutiques, dine in some fantastic restaurants, and mingle with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. And with the river running right through town, it’s no wonder Milford was named one of the most gorgeous towns in the state when we compiled our list of 14 Towns in Delaware With Breathtaking Scenery!