Quarantine Is A Little Better When You Order From Bethany Beach Books, One Of Delaware’s Most Beloved Bookshops

Right now, Delawareans are spending a whole lot of time at home, finding ways to cope with the quarantines and isolation of the COVID-19 crisis. Many people are using some extra time they have to take up a new hobby, while many of us are feeling stressed and depressed, and just want to hide under the blankets all day.  We’re all coping in our own ways, and one way to help you through these uncertain times is to order a new read from a charming independent bookstore in Delaware.

Ordering from Bethany Beach Books is a win-win! You will be supporting a valuable community asset while keeping yourself entertained at home, so what are you waiting for? Visit their website, here, and pick out the next great novel to sit on your shelf.

Address: 99 Garfield Pkwy, Bethany Beach, DE 19930, USA