The 12 Best Decisions You Can Make In Delaware

There are a lot of secrets to life in Delaware that we keep to ourselves, because we’ve grown up here, or we’ve moved here, and we’d love to keep our small state to ourselves. However, in the interest of being a friendly state, we do feel like we’ve got to reveal a Delaware tradition or two, to those who are new to the state. Here are some of the best decisions you can make in Delaware. Unbeknownst to most of the UD Freshman, there are plenty of things in Delaware that don’t lead to regrets – and making these 12 decisions will leave you feeling accomplished and happy.

What else do you think is a great decision to make in Delaware? Have you ever tried to explain scrapple to someone, or have you thrown up (chunkin… chunkin?) at the State Fair? Share your Delaware decision story with us in the comments.