Family-Owned Since The 1960s, Step Back In Time At Angelo’s Luncheonette In Delaware

When it comes to the Wilmington dining scene, you’ll find everything from tiny taco shacks to elegant, expensive gourmet restaurants. While each eatery in Delaware’s largest city has its merits, there’s one neighborhood spot that has earned a reputation for being the old-fashioned, homestyle place to get a hearty breakfast or lunch. Stop into Angelo’s Luncheonette and see why this family-owned restaurant has been so successful over the past 50+ years!

There’s nothing like enjoying an old-fashioned meal in the heart of your home state! For more of the best retro eats in the First State, read This Old Fashioned Chicken Shack Serves Some Of The Best Food In Delaware and plan a few meals out that will take you back in time.

Address: 1722 N Scott St, Wilmington, DE 19806, USA