The Unique Park Everyone In Delaware Should Visit At Least Once

In the tiny town of Clayton, Delaware, there’s a beautiful Zoo and Education Center called 3 Palms Zoo. It is the only non-profit rescue zoo in Delaware, where every inhabitant that 3 Palms has brought in was either seized, abandoned, or deemed unreleasable by Wildlife Rehabilitators. On a visit to 3 Palms, you’ll be able to enjoy exotic, wild, domestic, and agricultural animals in a natural woodland surrounding. You’ll get to experience some up close and personal time with some of the more domestic animals, and you can feed and pet a dozen different species, including the Llamas, Alpaca, Donkey and Emu.

3 Palms has rescued many wild animals over the years, too, including a Raccoon, Groundhog, Silver & Red Foxes and more. The habitats designed by 3 Palms to house these animals is built to suit their individual needs. Each animal has their own story, too, and Zookeepers are happy to share their tales with you.

Learning the stories behind all of the rescued animals at 3 Palms will give you a great appreciation for wildlife and the affect humans have on natural habitats. This is one of the most educational trips I’ve taken in Delaware, and I would highly recommend it to anyone at all with a desire to see beautiful animals and learn more about conservation. You can find admission and hours information here.

If you’re looking for more wildlife to explore in Delaware, a visit to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge will show you wonders that you never realized were in the First State.