What Delaware’s Major Cities Looked Like In The 1920s May Shock You. Dover Especially.

Delaware was quite different 90 years ago than it is today! The Roarin’ Twenties were a time of economic prosperity, peace, political reform and of course, Jazz. American women first started to bob their hair to fit into cloche hats, American men ditched the tailcoats and started wearing shorter, more modern jackets. The first skyscrapers were built in major cities, and modern buildings began popping up on every city block. Who wouldn’t want to take a trip back in time to see what the First State looked like at this time? How did 1920s Delaware differ from 2010s Delaware? Luckily, the Delaware Public Archives have released dozens and dozens of photographs of Delaware cities in the 1920s, so let’s take a trip back in time to the following 10 cities.

These photographs really take you back in time. How wonderful it is that Delaware’s history is so well preserved!