This Rare Footage In The 1960s Shows Washington DC Like You’ve Never Seen Before

If you ask anyone who lived in Washington DC in the 1960s, they will tell you about the riots of 1968. Following Martin Luther King Jr. assassination, Washington DC erupted in riots that would last for six days. This powerful videos shows the chaos and destruction that occurred in the city during this time. 13,000 troops were dispatched to DC during the riots. However, they could not stop the destruction that had already occurred.

This video captures what Washington DC looked like during these riots. You will see the chaos, the looting and the fires that took place over the course of six days. It’s unlike the city we all know and love today. Even the emptiness of the streets is a powerful reminder that the city was in turmoil.

These were dark days in the history of the city but they are incredibly important to see how it impacted the city during that time. Those who were alive will never forget these dark days and in fact, some of the damage that occurred from the riots can still be seen in the district even today. This rare footage posted by Jacob Fenston gives you a glimpse of what those 1968 riots were like in Washington DC.


It’s important to never forget how this city transformed for six days and also, how it put itself back together to be better and stronger than ever. For another incredible view of Washington DC, take a look at this unbelievable drone footage and see the city in a brand new way.

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