The Nutmeg State gets a bit of an unfair rap as a boring and bland place, but anyone who lives here knows nothing could be further from the truth. Life in Connecticut is beautiful, and we’ve got so many fantastic restaurants in CT featuring menus inspired by countries the world over. If your 2023 resolution has you wanting to test out new places, we’ve gathered a Connecticut bucket list consisting of 12 great restaurants in this little state to try. Visiting a different one each month is a real blast, and a great way to support local businesses, too! 

Which of these delicious restaurants in Connecticut are you planning to try this year? How many have you already experienced? Which favorites of yours did we leave off the list?

If you have suggestions for more excellent eateries in the Nutmeg State, share them in the comments – or by filling out this form. We love learning about your favorite places!

Need even more culinary inspiration? Worry not, and check out the eight most beautiful restaurants in Connecticut!

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Connecticut Food Bucket List

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2. What are the best restaurants to try in CT?  

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