These 5 Waterparks In Connecticut Are Pure Bliss For Anyone Who Goes There

When summer hits, waterparks make for a great escape from the heat. You can catch a tan without working up a sweat as you splash around in the pool and experience the rush of waterslides. If you love roller coasters, it’s the same thing but with the added benefit of water. But Connecticut doesn’t have a lot of waterparks, and with the recent close of CoCo Key, people have been left asking where else they can go for summer fun. Well check out the list to see where you can go for some water thrills!

See Ocean Beach Park for yourself, and enjoy the sweet Beach Boys-esque music in the background. After seeing this clip you will definitely want to take a visit!

With these all in one options it’s no wonder Connecticut didn’t see the need to have a lot of parks. You only need to pick one to have access to everything that makes summer vacation fun! If you’ve been to one of these parks before, tell us about it!