The Marvelous TJs Exotixs In Connecticut Sells Sodas And Snacks From All Over The World

If you’re thirsty, there’s no shortage of sodas in Connecticut. Stop by any convenience store or restaurant and pick up a can of Coke or Sprite. It’ll do the job and quench your thirst. But do you ever wish for something different than the typical grocery store soda options? If you’re looking for international snacks and sodas in Connecticut, look no further. TJ Exotixs in Hartford specializes in unique snacks and drinks that are imported from all over the globe.


Have you been to TJ Exotixs in Connecticut? What weird flavors of candy or soda would you be interested in trying? Share your experiences in the comments!

For more information about TJ Exotixs or to order online, check out the shop’s website.

Address: TJ Exotixs, 479 Farmington Ave Suite 111, Hartford, CT 06105, USA