This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows Connecticut Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

When you say Connecticut, most people don’t picture steel buildings. In fact, they most likely picture the rolling hills, reservoirs, and trees. Connecticut certainly has those things in abundance, but this timelapse video will let you see the side out-of-towners too often forget… The city! Connecticut has a nightlife of its own, but when you’re on the ground level, it’s hard to see the masterpiece you’re standing in. So I took the liberty of finding a different perspective.

See for yourself how Stamford transitions from a quiet skyline to a bustling metro in under a minute.

Timelapse Sunset over Stamford, CT from Anthony Cortese on Vimeo.

Wasn’t that just mesmerizing? Stamford lights up beautifully. Big or small, tell us your favorite Connecticut city.

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