The Ultimate Terrifying Connecticut Road Trip Is Right Here- And You’ll Want To Do It

Terrifying Connecticut is not entirely separate from the beautiful Connecticut you’ve come to know and love.  But I get it, sometimes you need a rush.  So here’s a road trip to test your bravery.  You can see the trip’s map here. At 226 miles, this 5 hour drive could be done in one day.  But the truly brave will dare to stay overnight!  This trip was designed for folks who love a good ghost story and don’t mind the chance of experiencing some paranormal activity first hand.  Plus I found places you can actually visit without having to scale walls or break laws. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to take this terrifying Connecticut trip for yourself.

Are you brave enough to take this road trip?  I recommend bringing some friends with you, just in case!  You never know who-or what-you might come across on your travels.