The Tiny Food Truck That Serves The Arguably Best Tacos In All Of Connecticut

When it comes to tacos in Connecticut, everyone’s got an opinion. We all have our favorite spots to pick up a taco or two. (Or more. No judgment!) Tacos are perfect for the growing food truck scene in Connecticut. They’re handheld, easy to eat, and quick to make. One tasty taco truck in the state that serves arguably the best tacos in Connecticut is New Haven’s Taco Santa Fe. This little food truck may not look like much from the outside, but the meals here are bursting with authentic flavor. They’ve got some dishes you can’t easily find elsewhere and all the food is made fresh to order.

 You can find out more about this delicious food truck on their Facebook page.

Have you tried Tacos Santa Fe? If you’ve got another suggestion for best tacos in Connecticut, share it in the comments!

Address: Tacos Santa Fe, 192 Forbes Ave, New Haven, CT 06512, USA